Introducing COMBATMAT

The best foundation for your practice

Drown Your Doubts in Sweat

Soft AND Grippy

COMBATMAT is tough. The deck is soft to the touch, yet inspires confidence with it's grip. No stubbed toes or scraped knuckles unlike on other mats.


The Combat Mat
  • No EDC's or Phlalates

    Polyurethane deck is durable, abrasion resistant and free from endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and phlalates which can impair hormone balances.

  • Natural Rubber

    4.5mm of 100% natural rubber cushioning. Soft enough for comfort, yet firm for steady balance.  Combatmat is recyclable and a good choice for the environment.

  • Wider AND Longer

    Combatmat is 26" wide x  73" long. Wider and longer than standard yoga mats, this will comfortably accommodate taller practitioners with broad shoulders.

  • Veteran Owned Company

    10% from each sale is donated to Veteran charities (like Veteran Yoga Project) that assist in recovery from P.T.S.D.


    When your foundation is secure, you can take your practice to new heights.


    Practice with power, strive for excellence in all you do.


    Press down to lift up. Find balance and play in your practice.

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It has been around six months since receiving my first Combat Mat, and I can say that it is still in fantastic condition! I am a BIG sweater when I teach and take yoga classes. I have not had to use a towel on top of my mat since switching to Combat Mat. The mat is very absorbent and comfortable to practice on. I reccomend Combat Mat to any yoga practitioners.

It's the nicest mat I've ever owned.  It's a great mat!

My Combatmat is solid, firm, resilient and supportive. It has enough padding for my knees and elbows that I don't need any additional support. Sweat dries quickly and therefore it does not get smelly. I like the extra length and width that Combatmat supplies compared to most other brands. It's the perfect at home mat but if you are moving around it might be a little heavy.